How long does it take to become a US citizen?

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I am planning to become a US citizen and have my green card for more than 5 years now. I would like to get this all done as soon as possible.

Can anybody tell me how long the process takes?


Anonymous (not verified)

it is possible in 6 months

Marie Jeanne (not verified)



From the time you have completed all the paperwork, and paid the fee,  it takes at least six month.  On the Web site you can find out the date of the documents they are currently reviewing and that gives you an idea of whether they are taking 5, 6 or 7... months.

Once your paperwork has been accepted you will be notified of the date of the interview, at which you will have to pass a test.

There is also another separate appointment that will be set up for fingerprinting...

You then will be given a date for your naturalization which most likely will be in SF.  Usually they will have the agents there to process your application for a passport, if not you would then need to go to the post office to start the process.   It can take 1 month to get the passport, but for an extra fee you can get it faster.

Filling out the paperwork can be rather time consuming, particularly if you have been in the US for a while, as you have to include all the dates of any trip outside of the US since you arrived in the US.

For specific info go to the website : 

Here is another good link to review: 

you can get all the information on line, get copy of the question to review for the test, get the forms.


gloria (not verified)

Its depend on individual case. it take minumum of 6 month but may take longer depend on each case.


check this sites for further info:



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It only took 3 months for me, it was an easy process. Good luck.

Anonymous (not verified)

In which state did you apply?