Nederlandstalige jeugdboeken

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Our 14-year old daughter is very eager to brush up on her Flemish. She speaks the language, reads it a little bit (she loves graphic novels, hahaha), but cannot write it. So far I have been unsuccesful to find Dutch books for sale in California or on the internet. (Can't find a supplier who is willing to ship to the U.S..)
Would anyone be able to share a resource? 

Miriam (not verified) of ship to the US.
The Dutch School Silicon Valley had Dutch books for sale last schoolyear and might have another sale sometime this year.

Lieve Maes (not verified)

Hi, I have a bunch of Dutch books that I could either deliver or mail to you to borrow for your daughter.
I have a lot of comics and books, here are some: Suske & Wiske, Jommeke, Kiekeboe, Jan terlouw, Roald Dahl, and a bunch more.
Sorry for the late reply!