May 2010 Newsletter

May 2010

Dear Members,

We would like to invite you to our next event:

Hike / Wine Tasting / Picnic

Picchetti Winery – Cupertino

May 15, 2010

Roberto Bruckstein, one of our members, suggested the following as a club activity to the board: why not combine a hike, wine tasting and picnic at Picchetti Winery, where he is a member. We liked it, pitched this to the Winery and they were very enthusiastic about the idea and look forward to welcoming the BCNC. Here is what we have for you:

The Zinfandel trail is a nice, relatively easy hike, in and out the same way. It starts off level and goes down towards the end, which means some climbing on the way back. Not possible for strollers but older kids should be fine. We foresee 45-60 minutes one way (this is a generous estimate); there are toilets at the turnaround point. Hikers will be back nicely in time for the wine tasting.

After the hike, the wine tasting. Nice aperitif before the picnic and people can purchase wine to enjoy with their meal (or later at home). Participants in the wine tasting will be able to purchase wine at Roberto’s preferred 15% discount. There is also the possibility of a tour of the winery after the tasting. Roberto will be there to organize payment for the tasting / tour on arrival.

We finish off with a leisurely picnic on the winery grounds, we will have tables.

For those who do not want to do the hike but still want to explore a little: there is a lake about 10 minutes walk from the picnic spot with a nice loop trail around it, perfect for families with (smaller) kids. You can explore this at your leisure. 

10 am: Hikers meet Caroline at the picnic tables. Allow some time to park and get organized.
10:15am: Start of hike – Zinfandel Trail. Free.
12pm: Arrive and pay for Tasting. Roberto will be there to coordinate.
12:15pm: Wine Tasting followed by optional Winery Tour.
1pm: Picnic – Bring your own. No BBQ allowed.

No dogs.
No outside alcohol.
Please drink responsibly.

Where:  Picchetti Winery, 13100 Montebello Road, Cupertino CA 95014.
Cost: Tasting: 5$ per person / Tasting and Winery Tour: 7$ per person. To be paid at the event.
When: Saturday, May 15th
Sign-up: By May 5th by email to Please indicate whether you will attend all or part of the event (hike, tasting, tour, picnic). We ask for this early registration because there are permits involved and we need to coordinate with the Winery. Thanks for your understanding


Take Freeway 280 to the Foothill Grant Road Exit in Cupertino.
Travel southwest on Foothill Blvd. 3.5 miles (Foothill Blvd. changes names mid-point to Steven’s Canyon Road).
You’ll travel through a residential section, pass Steven’s Creek County Park, Steven’s Creek Reservoir and Dam.
Montebello Road will appear on your right. Travel up Montebello Rd 6/10th of a mile to Picchetti Winery.
Drive into the top parking lot.

Fundraiser Results:

We are very proud to announce that we raised $5,412 at the fundraiser event, which comes to $1,804 for each of our three beneficiaries: Sahaya International, Superatec and the JW House. We hope you had a great time, because we had a great time organizing it! Thanks again for your contributions and participation and we hope to see you again next time!

Thank You:

- to Leslie Desaeyere for traveling back from Belgium with a suitcase filled with real Belgian chocolate eggs for the BCNC Easter egg hunt.
- to Ilse Pollet, Benedicte Simonart, Geertrui Vanhove en Kira Sasaki for helping prepare the BCNC Ester egg hunt.
- to Sofie Vandeputte for hosting the Easter egg hunt.

Future events:

- Saturday, May 29th : Live broadcast of the final day of the Queen Elizabeth Competition, Stanford.
- Sunday, June 6th, 11:15am: Guided tour of the Hanna house, Stanford.

The board.